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La raccolta di casi di studio CarboNostrum si concentra sulle sfide poste dal cambiamento climatico e sui benefici derivanti dall'attuazione di misure di agricoltura intelligente dal punto di vista climatico. Queste risorse formative saranno fornite sotto forma di eBook e di video.

I casi di studio sono attualmente in fase di sviluppo, restate sintonizzati per gli aggiornamenti!

Hortas da Rainha is the new project of Quinta do Alecrim, located in the village of Carreiro da Areia, belonging to the municipality of Torres Novas, Santarém, Portugal. This project is born from the meeting of objectives between its associates and derives from the local agriculture work developed by Quinta do Alecrim since 2011. It has a property of 34 hectares, in which they develop a regenerative agriculture project through complex agro-ecosystems and animal husbandry, namely sheep and chickens, with the animals in rotation on the land.  This project is operated by the farm manager and farmer Denis Hickel, who already has 11 years of experience in these areas as a farmer. 

The main objective of the farmer and of this project is to invest in regenerative agriculture as a method of conservation and restoration of natural ecosystems that brings together sustainable agricultural techniques, benefiting the vitality and resistance of the soil, biodiversity, and human health. Through this, caring for the soil and the ecosystem to produce healthier food, and uniting the community around a common cause. All products grown and produced on the farm are packaged, in customized baskets, and sold to the public directly at the farm or, also, through a partner store and its own website.  These products are grown and harvested manually and sustainably, respecting the growth cycle of the crops and ecosystems.

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