Case Studies

The CarboNostrum Battery of Case Studies focuses on the challenges posed by climate change and the benefits of implementing measures of climate-smart agriculture. These training resources will be delivered as an eBook and in films.

Case Studies are currently under development, stay tuned for updates!

CarboNostrum is a European project with the objective to provide educational/training resources to empower smallholders, and young and new agricultural producers with the best possible tools and knowledge to apply climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions in poor and degraded lands of Mediterranean ecosystems. To achieve this the partners met for a Cinema Workshop in Istambul and made these collective good practices film at Farge Organik in Tukey. CarboNostrum is the acronym for Climate-Smart Agriculture in a Changing World; the project partnership is composed of: The Use Concept (PT, project coordinator), Aidlearn (PT), Gal Molise (IT), AUTH (GR), Maylog (TR), CSIC (ES). This film was made during the LTT Cinema Workshop led by Eduardo Amaro and Carlota Flieg.

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